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Herman Galindo, Principal Advisor

Hernan Galindo, based in Miami, has over 30 years of experience in the airline industry having served within executive management positions for Swissport, Avgroup, and Avianca. Areas of expertise include global operations, sales and financial restructuring of major airlines, market development and analysis of aviation services, contract and labor negotiations, as well as supply chain management in the U.S. and abroad. While considered a subject matter expert for Latin America, his portfolio of experience also extends to Europe. Mr. Galindo has operated in extremely competitive environments requiring constant efficiency improvements and innovations while maintaining high service levels required by just-in-time products, including significant amounts of perishables.

Preceding LogCapStrat, Mr. Galindo was the Senior Vice President of Cargo Latin America & Caribbean at Swissport, prior to which he was the President of Latin Air and Aerofloral. This background has provided Mr. Galindo with the experience necessary to adeptly handle U.S. and foreign government agencies that impact aviation such as Homeland Security. Mr. Galindo also served as a General Manager (North America & Asia) at Avianca for a duration of 11 years.

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