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John Rocchino, Principal Advisor

Jon Rocchino is an expert in operations planning and management with over 25 years in the transportation industry. Mr. Rocchino has spent 21 years of his professional career with FedEx Ground, of which the latter 6 years he served as Managing Director of P&D Engineering and implemented peak incentive plans, recalibrated linehaul fuel settlements, created and updated operational budgets, developed productivity goals and P&D resource planning, as well as performed cost analysis for net services and various operating scenarios. As the Senior Regional & Engineering Manager for FedEx Ground, Mr. Rocchino was involved in a variety of activities focusing on improving operational efficiency and the analysis of station, hub, and dock productivity. Prior to joining FedEx Ground, Mr. Rocchino worked with Yellow Freight Systems as an Industrial Engineer and was involved in projects focusing on quality improvement, P&D route design, and hub operations.

Mr. Rocchino holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.

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