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Logistics Capital and Strategy offers clients a unique blend of functional expertise and industry-specific experience:

Analytical Firepower
Our team of analytical experts, all fluent in network economics, has a diverse skill set that allows us to quickly identify root causes and generate actionable insights. We are experts in manipulating large data sets, particularly relating disparate data sources in order to better isolate and understand key drivers to uncover sources of improved profitability and accelerated growth.  

Deep Industry Expertise
We exclusively devote our attention to transportation and supply-chain related businesses. This focus has allowed us to develop expertise on issues unique to network-based businesses. Our extensive library of transportation-specific intellectual capital enables us to get up to speed quickly on the challenges our clients face and provide insights generalists would miss.

Seasoned Judgment
Our senior staff brings extensive experience to every engagement and is committed to achieving optimal outcomes for client objectives. As senior executives understand, analytical and industry expertise must be applied using judgment that has been accumulated over the course of a career. This seasoned judgment provides a pragmatic perspective when developing recommendations designed to generate results in a timely manner.


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