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Brian Clancy Hosts Live Webinar for Air Forwarders Association

On April 7, 2011, Brian Clancy, Managing Director, in conjunction with the Airforwarders Association, will host a live web conference providing leaders with need-to-know information about key trends and strategic issues impacting the industry.  Mr. Clancy’s discussion, entitled, ‘Getting Behind the Numbers: Discussion of the Underlying Long Term Demand Drivers and Supply Dynamics of the Domestic and International Air Cargo Industry,’ will be open to all Airforwarders Association members. Its content is particularly intended for corporate leaders, high-level operational management, senior sales, marketing and finance managers.

Discussion topics will include:
Review of Airbus and Boeing air cargo forecasts
Impact of North American and European consumer demand outlook on air cargo markets
Long-term trends negatively impacting air cargo usage
Significance of Asia – China, Japan, India – on GDP growth and import/export rates over the next decade
Question & Answer session

The Airforwarders Association – an alliance of air carriers, cargo airlines, and affiliated businesses in the global transportation community – serves as the representative agency of the airforwarding industry.

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