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LogCapStrat Leverages Quantrix to Deliver "Massive Cost Efficiency"

Quantrix, a leading financial analysis software company, recognized LogCapStrat Managing Director, Richard Holohan at its Fall 2015 conference. Mr. Holohan shared his insights on how LogCapStrat leverages Quantrix to deliver sophisticated business intelligence analytics to its customers. By transitioning its traditional Excel modeling to Quantrix, LogCapStrat offers clients more efficient, flexible and user-friendly quantitative analytical solutions. For instance, LogCapStrat was able to reduce the time required for a client to update its quarterly financial model from two weeks across three full-time employees (FTE) in Excel to two days by one FTE in Quantrix.

Mr. Holohan’s recognition by Quantrix is just one example of how LogCapStrat continues to deploy state-of-the-art technology to deliver cost-efficient analytics for clients in the transportation and logistics space.

Mr. Holohan’s interview can be viewed below.



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